Thursday, December 16, 2004

Spread of FireFox Shows Open Source Momentum

The darling of the Open Source set, FireFox, is featured in two page ad in New York Times on December 16.

While Linux is slowly gaining strength in the desktop environment, FireFox is taking the world by storm.

Check out these two articles about FireFox

10,000 Firefox enthusiasts make history!

Open-source geeks are modern heroes, says think tank!

Over the next several years there will probably be a shortage of Open Source talent. The sooner the talent pool gets started in Tennessee, the more valuable that pool will be.

Check this quote from Martin Bean, COO of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in his article, Top 10 Predictions for 2005 for Certification Magazine.

"Open-source technologies will see continued growth, fueling demand for qualified IT professionals in that space. The more that Linux and other open-source technologies underpin organizations, the greater the need will be to have properly trained and certified professionals to support these fast-growing technologies."


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