Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The OpenEducationDisc and The OpenDisc

The OpenDisc and TheOpenEducationDisc are available for free download.

Programs are included for office productivity, internet, photo-editing, instant messaging, drawing, multi-media, games, mind-mapping, and more. The programs have been carefully selected for quality, ease of us, stability, and appropriateness for home and small office users. All programs install and uninstall cleanly. The disc is intended as an introduction into the exciting world of FLOSS.

All the programs are distributed under an OSI-approved Open Source License and therefore can be installed on many computers, not just yours but your friends and your families also. The programs can even be modified with the freely available source code. The disc can be freely copied and handed out.

Last week, the latest version (08.05) of the OpenEducationDisc was released. The OpenEducationDisc is an extension of the the OpenDisc with additional programs deemed especially useful for students and for teachers. This version includes updated versions of all included programs and has added some newer programs from the previous disc.

To learn more, visit the OpenDisc website -- --


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